With only a few days left for the CA exam, here I would like to share some tips which can help you prepare better for your exam.

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1. Get a blank paper and write a complete schedule of topics that you want to cover in the coming days. Just stick to the schedule and if you have left something don’t try to finish it just go ahead and do the topics as per schedule 📜.

2. Do not go through the concepts again and again but try to solve some problems. Do not try to solve all the problems from your hand, try to solve similar problems in the book itself ✍.

3. Try to cover those topics first which have more weightage in the exam, for this you can watch ABC analysis videos available on YouTube 🔤.

4. Do not go through the revision class again and again as it wastes a lot of precious time, instead go through the notes for revision and also solve questions 📓.

5. Try to avoid screens as much as possible, keep your gadgets off for a few days. Try not scrolling social media for a few days and the best way to do that is to uninstall all apps and logout from all websites. If you are unable to uninstall WhatsApp for some reason, try not replying to chats that are not important, try replying when they are offline 📴.

20 days of hard work can save you 6 months and it is beneficial both in terms of time and money ⏳.

If you have any other suggestions or tips then don’t forget to write it in below comment box.

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