Indirect Tax Law Free Video Classes by ICAI for May & November 2022 Exams

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Goods and Services Tax Classes

Lecture 1: GST in India – An Introduction & Supply under GST

Lecture 2: Supply under GST

Lecture 3: Charge of GST & Exemptions from GST

Lecture 4: Exemptions from GST

Lecture 5: Place of Supply

Lecture 6: Place of Supply

Lecture 7: Time of Supply & Value of Supply

Lecture 8: Time of Supply & Value of Supply

Lecture 9: Input Tax Credit

Lecture 10: Input Tax Credit

Lecture 11: Input Tax Credit

Lecture 12: Input Tax Credit (including job work provisions)

Lecture 13: Registration

Lecture 14: Tax Invoice Credit & Debit Notes, E-way bill

Lecture 15: Accounts & Records, Payment of Tax

Lecture 16: Imports and Exports under GST & Refunds

Lecture 17: Imports and Exports under GST & Refunds

Lecture 18: Assessment and Audit, Inspection, Search, Seizure and Arrest

Lecture 19: Demands and Recovery

Lecture 20: Offences and Penalties

Lecture 21: Appeals and Revision

Lecture 22: Liability to Pay Tax in Certain Cases & Advance Rulings

Lecture 23: Miscellaneous Provisions including Job Work

Lecture 24: Returns

Customs & FTP Classes

Lecture 25: Levy of and Exemptions from Customs Duty

Lecture 26: Types of Duty, Classification of Imported and Export Goods

Lecture 27: Valuation under the Customs Act, 1962

Lecture 28: Importation, Exportation and Transportation of Goods

Lecture 29: Duty Drawback & Refund

Lecture 30: Foreign Trade Policy

Lecture 31: Statutory Update

Lecture 32: Problem Solving Session

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