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CA Inter Company Law Free Online Quiz

Practice online MCQs on Company Law for CA Inter May 2021 & November 2021 Exams.

CA Inter Company Law Online Quiz

Attempt Free Online Quiz Based on Company Law for CA Inter May 2021 & Nov 2021 Exams

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Such shares which are issued by a company to its directors or employees at a discount or for a consideration other than cash for working extraordinary hard and achieving desired output is honoured with

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In a company if any change of right of one class also affects the right of other class, then:

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A company bought back 10% of its equity shares in August 2020. Due to certain miscalculations during the first buy-back, it again buy back another 10% equity shares in September 2020. Whether the company can resort to second buy-back?

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How much Security Deposit an unlisted public company is required to maintain, at all times, with the respective depository when it dematerializes its securities.

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A reserve account that shall not be used by the company for any purpose other than repayment of deposits is called:

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Being in need of further capital, Rimsi Cotton-Silk Products Limited opted to offer 50 lacs equity shares of Rs. 1 each to 50 identified persons on ‘private placement’ basis and accordingly a letter of offer accompanied by application form was sent to them after fulfillment of due formalities including passing of special resolution. One of the applicants Rajan made a written complaint to the company highlighting the fact that the offer letter was incomplete as well as illegal, as it did not contain ‘renunciation clause’ as he wanted to exercise his ‘right of renunciation’ in favour of one of his son Uday. By choosing the correct option, advise the company in this matter.

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On which offer of securities, commission is permitted to be paid to any underwriter by the company:

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While making an application to the Tribunal for seeking its confirmation in respect of extinguishing the liability of Rs. 3 per equity share, Medhavi Publishers Limited has to file a certificate along with the application, that the accounting treatment proposed by it for such reduction of share capital is in conformity with the accounting standards specified in the prescribed Section. Advise the company as to who can issue such certificate?

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Rajesh Infrastructure Limited wants to issue preference shares for a period exceeding 20 years for financing its proposed infrastructure project. On the basis of which statement, company can do so?

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A issue house (share broker) has issued an advertisement in two leading newspapers for selling a big number of shares allotted to it by a company under a private placement. In which of the following conditions the advertisement will not be deemed as prospectus:

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