Ind AS Bullet Points Summary

Bullet Points Summary on Indian Accounting Standards Ind AS 101: First – time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS) 101, First-time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards…


GST Handwritten Notes

Download GST Handwritten Notes by Various Faculties GST Handwritten Notes by Krishan Kumar Sir GST Handwritten Summary Book by Vivek Gaba Sir Other GST Notes GST Book by Suraj Agrawal…

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(Doc) Stay of Demand Letter Format

DOWNLOAD FORMAT OF APPLICATION TO AO REQUESTING STAY OF DEMAND Format - To, The Assessing Officer Ward_______. ____________. Dear Sir, Subject: Assessment year - _______________, Demand of Rs - ________________,…


(Doc) File Transfer to Another AO Application

LETTER TO AO REQUESTING TRANSFER OF FILE TO ANOTHER AO Format- To, The Assessing Officer ____________. ____________. Dear Sir, Subject: Assessment year-______________________ Assessment records -______________ Transfer to ______________ (PAN No.…


Rectification u/s 154 Application Format

Download Draft Application for Rectification u/s 154 Format -  To The Assessing Officer/Income Tax Officer/CIT/or any Other Competent Authority Ward_____ Dear Sir, Subject: Application for rectification of mistake under section________…


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