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(FREE) FR Revision Lectures for CA Final

CA Final Financial Reporting Revision Lectures

Notes for Revision Lectures

⇒Ind AS-40, Ind AS-105 and Ind AS-16 (5 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-41 and Ind AS-12 (5 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-19, Ind AS-36 and Ind AS-34 (4 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-7, Ind AS-8, Ind AS-10 and Ind AS-2 (5 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-33 , Ind AS-109, Ind AS-107 and Ind AS-32 (5 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-103, Ind AS-108 and Ind AS-102 (4 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-1, Ind AS-115, Ind AS-113 and Ind AS-101 (2 Lectures)

⇒Ind AS-21 and Ind AS-24 (2 Lectures)

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