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Function Key Shortcuts in Excel

Use Function Key Shortcuts and make your Excel Super Easy.

Press To
F1 Display Help or the Office Assistant
SHIFT + F1 What’s This?
ALT + F1 Insert a chart sheet
ALT + SHIFT + F1 Insert a new worksheet
F2 Edit the active cell
SHIFT + F2 Edit a cell comment
ALT + F2 Save As command
ALT + SHIFT + F2 Save command
F3 Paste a name into a formula
SHIFT + F3 Paste a function into a formula
CTRL + F3 Define a name
CTRL + ALT + F3 Create names by using row and column label
F4 Repeat the last action
SHIFT + F4 Repeat the last Find (Find Next)
CTRL + F4 Close the window
ALT + F4 Exit
F5 Go To
SHIFT + F5 Display the Find dialog box
CTRL + F5 Restore the window size
F6 Move to the next pane
SHIFT + F6 Move to the previous pane
CTRL + F6 Move to the next workbook window
CTRL + SHIFT + F6 Move to the previous workbook window
F7 Spelling command
CTRL + F7 Move the window
F8 Extend a selection
SHIFT + F8 Add to the selection
CTRL + F8 Resize the window
ALT + F8 Display the Macro dialog box
F9 Calculate all sheets in all open workbooks
SHIFT + F9 Calculate the active worksheet
CTRL + F9 Minimize the workbook
F10 Make the menu bar active
SHIFT + F10 Display a shortcut menu
CTRL + F10 Maximize or restore the workbook window
F11 Create a chart
SHIFT + F11 Insert a new worksheet
CTRL + F11 Insert a Microsoft Excel 4.0 macro sheet
ALT + F11 Display Visual Basic Editor
F12 Save As command
SHIFT + F12 Save command
CTRL + F12 Open command
CTRL + SHIFT + F12 Print command


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