GST Summary Notes (Updated for May 20)

GST Summary Notes Applicable for may 2020 Exams and Onward.

⇒ GST Quick Revision Capsule by ICAI

⇒ GST Revision Book

⇒ GST Book by Yogesh Verma

⇒ GST Book by Rahul Garg

Income Tax

⇒ Income Tax Quick Revision Capsule by ICAI

⇒ Income Tax Complete Compact Book

⇒ Income Tax Chart Book

⇒ Income Tax Revision Book

⇒ Income Tax Handwritten Notes

⇒ JK Shah Income Tax Revision Notes

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  1. Thank you..This charts are a boon for my ipcc exams

  2. SUNDAR CMA CFA says:

    Really super. Summary notes presented by you boosting the confident and enhance their future. Thanks. Keep going your service.

  3. komal says:

    Thank u very much sir..

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    Thank you so much cablog
    You are one of tbe best platform to help ca students…..thanks once again

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    Thanks so much for study notes… this notes will supporting the study

  6. Vidhi biyani says:

    Thankyou ….very helpful notes

  7. Swetha Singh says:

    Thanks for the useful notes.

  8. You guys have my deepest thanks if not for this PDFs i would have failed in my gst subject in

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