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Important Stuff on Ind AS 27, Separate Financial Statements

Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS) 27, Separate Financial Statements, Important Material

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Ind AS 27: Separate Financial Statements

Entities having one or more subsidiary, associate or joint venture are required to prepare separate financial statement. The focus of Ind AS (converged IFRS) is on the preparation of consolidated financial statements and, hence the question arises how to deal with some accounting issues in separate financial statements.

It prescribes the accounting and disclosure requirements for investment in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates.


The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the accounting and disclosure requirements for investments in subsidiaries, joint ventures and associates when an entity prepares separate financial statements.


When an entity elects or is required to present separate financial statements, Ind AS 27 applies in accounting for investment in:

  • Subsidiaries
  • Joint Ventures
  • Associates

Ind AS 27 does not mandate any entity to produce separate financial statements.

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