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Ind AS 112: Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities


The objective of this Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS) is to require an entity to disclose information that enables users of its financial statements to evaluate:

(a) the nature of, and risks associated with, its interests in other entities; and

(b) the effects of those interests on its financial position, financial performance and cash flows.

To meet the objective, an entity shall disclose:

(a) the significant judgements and assumptions it has made in determining:

(i) the nature of its interest in another entity or arrangement;

(ii) the type of joint arrangement in which it has an interest;

(iii) that it meets the definition of an investment entity, if applicable; and

(b) information about its interests in:

(i) subsidiaries;

(ii) arrangements and associates; and

(iii) structured entities that are not controlled by the entity.

If the disclosures required by this Ind AS, together with disclosures required by other Ind ASs, do not meet the objective, an entity shall disclose whatever additional information is necessary to meet that objective.

An entity shall consider the level of detail necessary to satisfy the disclosure objective and how much emphasis to place on each of the requirements in this Ind AS. It shall aggregate or disaggregate disclosures so that useful information is not obscured by either the inclusion of a large amount of insignificant detail or the aggregation of items that have different characteristics.


This Ind AS shall be applied by an entity that has an interest in any of the following:

(a) subsidiaries

(b) joint arrangements (ie joint operations or joint ventures)

(c) associates

(d) unconsolidated structured entities.

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