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Ind AS 113: Fair Value Measurement


This Ind AS:

(a) defines fair value;

(b) sets out in a single Ind AS a framework for measuring fair value; and

(c) requires disclosures about fair value measurements.

Fair value is a market-based measurement, not an entity-specific measurement. For some assets and liabilities, observable market transactions or market information might be available. For other assets and liabilities, observable market transactions and market information might not be available. However, the objective of a fair value measurement in both cases is the same—to estimate the price at which an orderly transaction to sell the asset or to transfer the liability would take place between market participants at the measurement date under current market conditions (ie an exit price at the measurement date from the perspective of a market participant that holds the asset or owes the liability).

When a price for an identical asset or liability is not observable, an entity measures fair value using another valuation technique that maximises the use of relevant observable inputs and minimises the use of unobservable inputs. Because fair value is a market-based measurement, it is measured using the assumptions that market participants would use when pricing the asset or liability, including assumptions about risk. As a result, an entity’s intention to hold an asset or to settle or otherwise fulfil a liability is not relevant when measuring fair value.

The definition of fair value focuses on assets and liabilities because they are a primary subject of accounting measurement. In addition, this Ind AS shall be applied to an entity’s own equity instruments measured at fair value.


This Ind AS applies when another Ind AS requires or permits fair value measurements or disclosures about fair value measurements (and measurements, such as fair value less costs to sell, based on fair value or disclosures about those measurements), except as specified in paragraphs 6 and 7.

The measurement and disclosure requirements of this Ind AS do not apply to the following:

(a) share-based payment transactions within the scope of Ind AS 102, Share- based Payment;

(b) leasing transactions accounted for in accordance with Ind AS 116, Leases; and

(c) measurements that have some similarities to fair value but are not fair value, such as net realisable value in Ind AS 2, Inventories, or value in use in Ind AS 36, Impairment of Assets.

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