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Ind AS 32: Financial Instruments Presentation


The objective of this Standard is to establish principles for presenting financial instruments as liabilities or equity and for offsetting financial assets and financial liabilities. It applies to the classification of financial instruments, from the perspective of the issuer, into financial assets, financial liabilities and equity instruments; the classification of related interest, dividends, losses and gains; and the circumstances in which financial assets and financial liabilities should be offset.

The principles in this Standard complement the principles for recognising and measuring financial assets and financial liabilities in Ind AS 109, Financial Instruments, and for disclosing information about them in Ind AS 107, Financial Instruments: Disclosures.


This Standard shall be applied by all entities to all types of financial instruments except:

(a) those interests in subsidiaries, associates or joint ventures that are accounted for in accordance with Ind AS 110, Consolidated Financial Statements, Ind AS 27, Separate Financial Statements, or Ind AS 28, Investments in Associates and joint ventures. However, in some cases, Ind AS 110, Ind AS 27 or Ind AS 28 require or permit an entity to account for an interest in a subsidiary, associate or joint venture using Ind AS 109; in those cases, entities shall apply the requirements of this Standard. Entities shall also apply this Standard to all derivatives linked to interests in subsidiaries, associates or joint ventures.

(b) employers’ rights and obligations under employee benefit plans, to which Ind AS 19, Employee Benefits, applies.

(c) insurance contracts as defined in Ind AS 104, Insurance Contracts. However, this Standard applies to derivatives that are embedded in insurance contracts if Ind AS 109 requires the entity to account for them separately. Moreover, an issuer shall apply this Standard to financial guarantee contracts if the issuer applies Ind AS 109 in recognising and measuring the contracts, but shall apply Ind AS 104 if the issuer elects, in accordance with paragraph 4(d) of Ind AS 104, to apply Ind AS 104 in recognising and measuring them.

(d) financial instruments that are within the scope of Ind AS 104 because they contain a discretionary participation feature. The issuer of these instruments is exempt from applying to these features paragraphs 15–32 and AG25–AG35 of this Standard regarding the distinction between financial liabilities and equity instruments. However, these instruments are subject to all other requirements of this Standard. Furthermore, this Standard applies to derivatives that are embedded in these instruments (see Ind AS 109).

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