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(PDF) Quick Reference on Ind AS 102, Share-based Payment

Download Quick Reference on Indian Accounting Standard (Ind AS) 102, Share-based Payment


Ind AS 102: Share-based Payment

The objective of this Standard is to specify the financial reporting by an entity when it undertakes a share-based payment transaction. In particular, it requires an entity to reflect in its profit or loss and financial position the effects of share-based payment transactions, including expenses associated with transactions in which share options are granted to employees. Further, goods or services received in a share-based payment transaction are measured at fair value.

Share-based payment arrangement is an agreement between the entity (or another group entity or any shareholder of any group entity) and another party (including an employee) that entitles the other party to receive:

(a) cash or other assets of the entity for amounts that are based on the price (or value) of equity instruments (including shares or share options) of the entity or another group entity, or

(b) equity instruments (including shares or share options) of the entity or another group entity, provided the specified vesting conditions, if any, are met.

Share-based payment transaction is a transaction in which the entity:

(a) receives goods or services from the supplier of those goods or services (including an employee) in a share-based payment arrangement, or

(b) incurs an obligation to settle the transaction with the supplier in a share-based payment arrangement when another group entity receives those goods or services.

Vest means to become an entitlement. Under a share-based payment arrangement, a counterparty’s right to receive cash, other assets or equity instruments of the entity vests when the counterparty’s entitlement is no longer conditional on the satisfaction of any vesting conditions.

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