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(PDF) Quick Reference on Ind AS 112

Download Quick Reference on Ind AS 112 Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities

The objective of this Standard is to require an entity to disclose information that enables users of its financial statements to evaluate:

(a) the nature of, and risks associated with, its interests in other entities; and

(b) the effects of those interests on its financial position, financial performance and cash flows.

The Standard shall be applied by an entity that has an interest in a subsidiary, a joint arrangement (i.e. joint operation or joint venture), an associate or an unconsolidated structured entity.

Significant judgements and assumptions

An entity shall disclose information about significant judgements and assumptions it has made (and changes to those judgements and assumptions) in determining:

(a) that it has control of another entity, ie an investee;

(b) that it has joint control of an arrangement or significant influence over another entity; and

(c) the type of joint arrangement (ie joint operation or joint venture) when the arrangement has been structured through a separate vehicle.

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