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(PDF) Quick Reference on Ind AS 115

Download Quick Reference on Ind AS 115 Revenue from Contracts with Customers

The objective of this Standard is to establish the principles that an entity shall apply to report useful information to users of financial statements about the nature, amount, timing and uncertainty of revenue and cash flows arising from a contract with a customer.


The Standard applies to all contracts with customers, except the lease contracts within the scope of Ind AS 116, Leases; insurance contracts within the scope of Ind AS 104, Insurance Contracts; financial instruments and other contractual rights or obligations within the scope of Ind AS 109, Financial Instruments, Ind AS 110, Consolidated Financial Statements, Ind AS 111, Joint Arrangements, Ind AS 27, Separate Financial Statements and Ind AS 28, Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures; and non-monetary exchanges between entities in the same line of business to facilitate sales to customers or potential customers.

The core principle of Ind AS 115 is that an entity recognises revenue in the way that depicts the transfer of promised goods or services to customers at an amount that reflects the consideration to which the entity expects to be entitled in exchange for those goods or services. Revenue shall be recognised by an entity in accordance with this core principle by applying the following five steps:

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