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Ind AS 34: Interim Financial Reporting

The objective of this Standard is to prescribe the minimum content of an interim financial report and to prescribe the principles for recognition and measurement in complete or condensed financial statements for an interim period. Timely and reliable interim financial reporting improves the ability of investors, creditors, and others to understand an entity’s capacity to generate earnings and cash flows and its financial condition and liquidity.

This Standard applies if an entity is required or elects to publish an interim financial report in accordance with Indian Accounting Standards.

Interim financial report means a financial report containing either a complete set of financial statements (as described in Ind AS 1, Presentation of Financial Statements) or a set of condensed financial statements (as described in this Standard) for an interim period.

In the interest of timeliness and cost considerations and to avoid repetition of information previously reported, an entity may be required to or may elect to provide less information at interim dates as compared with its annual financial statements. This Standard defines the minimum content of an interim financial report as including condensed financial statements and selected explanatory notes. The interim financial report is intended to provide an update on the latest complete set of annual financial statements. Accordingly, it focuses on new activities, events, and circumstances and does not duplicate information previously reported.

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