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Various Penalties under Income Tax

Various Penalties under Income Tax

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Note :

No penalty is imposable for any failure under sections 271(1)(b), 271A, 271AA, 271B, 271BA, 271BB, 271C, 271CA, 271D, 271E, 271F, 271FA, 271FAB, 271FB, 271G, 271GA, 271GB, 271H, 271-I, 272A(1)(c) or (d), 272A(2), 272AA(1), 272B, 272BB(1), 272BB(1A), 272BBB(1), 273(1)(b), 273(2)(b) and 273(2)(c) if the person or assessee proves that there was reasonable cause for such failure (section 273B).

Section 273AA provides that a person may make application to the Principal Commissioner/Commissioner for granting immunity from penalty if

(a) he has made an application for settlement under section 245C and the proceedings for settlement have abated, and;

(b) penalty proceeding has been initiated under this Act. The application shall not be made after the imposition of penalty after abatement.

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